Hi Parents!

Thank you for allowing us to work with your athletes. This is the first time we have met, so let me provide some information about Supershot.  We are a full-service photography studio on wheels based out of Valley, AL.  Our primary focus is sports, and we make an attempt to deliver quality products at fair prices for our customers.  We do have several products outside of the standard prints that are available.  Some are unavailable for purchase from the website because they are fulfilled by a lab not connected to my website, or I fulfill the orders myself.  Either way, we will get orders to you in a timely manner.  If you don't see a particular product you would like to have, let us know.  We are always looking to add to our product offering.


There are 2 ways to order. 

1. By completing this order form where every product we have to offer is available for selection:
Travel baseball order form

2. By visiting the website and making your purchase. Dream Team Photos
Please note there is a shipping fee involved when ordering from the website. 

I am including a copy of the order form for quick reference.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.  We look forward to serving you.

Heather Clark - 706.518.7753
Robbie Clark - 706-590-3608


Thank you!!

SS Sports Order FormSS Sports Order Form